Women Media Networks is a professional network dedicated to cultivating leadership and community for members of the media and related industries in Asia Pacific.
We provide resources and peer support designed to develop our members' innovation, creativity and productivity. By facilitating events, panel discussions and workshops that challenge our members to grow, we encourage a deeper understanding of ourselves, our environment, the industry and the key elements of effective leadership.
Our online network, local chapters and real life events, seminars and workshops are organised around topics with the goal of broadening our minds and creating supportive relationships among members. We aim to provide professional support, in an open and friendly environment, for women to share experiences, discuss topical issues and develop connections with each other. Research has proven that those who engage with supportive networks are more likely to achieve success.
Passing it on
We understand that true fulfillment happens when we are able to expand our personal success to include and encourage others. Our members are committed to passing on their wisdom to those around them by mentoring, sponsoring and sharing the lessons of their experience. We are also committed to helping the wider community in Asia by supporting local charities, with a focus on orphanages and schools.